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Laser Hair Removal 

Safe and Effective Hair Removal for all Skin Types

Eclipse Wellness Center Utilizes two Amazing Technologies with a 1064 nm Candela GentleYag and a 808nm Diode Laser to Target all Skin types and Hair Types. 


What Areas can be Treated With Laser?

Hair can be permanently reduced on all parts of your body such as the legs, face, legs, chest, back, underarms or your bikini area (only for females). We do treat males but not in their private region.

Can Anyone Have Hair Removal Done?

Yes but any laser or light-based system they can not treat blonde, white, or some red hair tones since there is no melanin to absorb the light and reduce the amount of hair. We have two technologies that can treat all skin types I-VI. 



  • Unwanted Hair

  • All Body Parts

  • All Skin Types



  • 10+ Minutes depends on which areas been treated

What do Laser Treatments Feel Like?

Patients report a feeling like a rubber band snapping, some cases it feels like the hair it is been plucked by the laser but its not however, no local anesthesia and pain medicine is most often not needed.

Is the Hair Removal Procedure Safe?

With all laser procedures, there are risks that will be discussed at your consultation. It is very important to choose a provider that has many years experience using lasers for hair removal on all skin types.

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